Connecting Chinese collectors to TEFAF Maastricht

GADA – Global Antique Dealers Association – is the platform where European antique dealers and Chinese collectors meet. The Art Connector is cofounder of GADA and organises a unique trip to TEFAF Maastricht, Amsterdam and Paris for a group of collectors from the Shaanxi province in China. This visit is the fruit of the GADA event that was organised in Xi’an last September.

TEFAF is the largest and most respected art and antique fair in the world. During this trip the TEFAF will be the highlight of the visit. The collectors will enjoy a VIP treatment at TEFAF with special receptions and a dinners planned in Maastricht. The Art Connector facilitates special introductions to the best art dealers and special visits to the most famous and important museums and art galleries not only at TEFAF Maastricht, but in Amsterdam and Paris as well.