How Chinese museum professionals engage in Dutch knowledge

Culture is big in China. Annually many newly built museums open their doors and they are keen to collaborate with foreign museums. But running a museum in the West is done differently than in China. This enables a solid ground to exchange museum management know how through Sino-Dutch training programs (part of the MoU that was signed by both Chinese and Dutch Ministries of Culture in 2014).

The Reinwardt Academy in Amsterdam is a well-established college offering education in the fields of Cultural Heritage and Museology. In addition, they serve as a platform for heritage professionals. The Reinwardt Academy is also active in China through, among others, a Museum Management Training Program in Xi’an. A MoU spin-off where museum professionals are trained in a variety of practice-oriented museum disciplines.

The Art Connector was asked by the Reinwardt Academy to offer advice and executive support in establishing the Xi’an training program. What we do? We ensure proper communication with the various stakeholders on content alignment, logistics, financing and completion of the project to gain the best result possible.