How the Amsterdam Light Festival can show its collection in China

The Amsterdam Light Festival wants to go global. Artists, architects and (light) designers from all over the world bring their light artworks and installation alive during the festival every winter. The artworks are placed alongside different routes through the city of Amsterdam and each route has its own theme, set of artworks and visitor experience.

Since the Amsterdam Light Festival commissions artist for the new light festival edition to come, the organisation has built up a wonderful light art collection from various artists over the years. That is how the ambition to organize travelling exhibitions with foreign partners grew recently. One of the target countries is China, or even better regarding the countries own cultural traditions there is already a strong interest in light art shown by potential Chinese partners.

The Art Connector helps the Amsterdam Light Festival in finding the right international partners. This we do through our network and by determine collaboration proposals. Thanks to our strong relationships in China and know how in doing business with Chinese organisations we can overcome the complex character (cultural differences) of such projects. Our support helps the Amsterdam Light Festival – unlike many others – not to strand halfway the project, but to work towards success.

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