Benefits of a Chinese Hospitality Program for Dutch Art & Culture

Already heard of the lifestyle app Alipay (founded by Alibaba) that is about to change our lives? Know you have. Over 450 million Chinese use this app to manage their personal financials and interests and it is expanding non-stop. The technology and services are impressive.

The European representative of Alipay, V2Future, created a solution to connect European merchants to Alipay. This is more than just online payments and sales, since the Alipay marketing services offer strong outreach to a targeted audience. One of the goals is to connect to European art and culture industry now more Chinese tourist visit Europe. The app will not only help to attract (more) visitors to Europe’s cultural landmarks, it can stimulate interest in less known art and culture institutions.

The Art Connector and V2Future team-up to connect the European art and culture industry. Our aim is to increase hospitality for Chinese visitors. How we do this? By better serving them. Why consider Alipay as the key infrastructure in enabling businesses to serve eager Chinese clients both in and outside the Netherlands. Together with V2Future we provide the right insights and solutions to meet the needs for art and culture related organisations, cities or regions.