Why you should understand the art market

The art market is complex. Auction houses, art dealers and gallery owners seem to compete with record prices and discoveries of “forgotten” artists. The success of art fairs is measured by visitor numbers, sales figures and appearance. As a result, the art lover is threatened to lose track.

Since buying art should be fun it is better to have an understanding of the art market. In addition, the search for the right work of art and the development of someone tastes are achieved by visiting art fairs, auctions and art dealers. Here the knowledge of the do’s and dont’s, the possibilities and risks of buying art can not be missed.

The Art Connector organizes masterclasses that teaches the (aspiring) art buyer how to look at art and what to do when purchasing an artwork. Each masterclass is a combination of theory and practice. The Basic Course teaches the principles of valuation/ taxation and learns to look at the condition of a work. The Modern Art Masterclass focuses on artistic trends and the (international) art market since the fifties. Practice Classes take place on auction days/ houses, galleries, art dealers, art fairs and artists’ workshops.

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