Zeitgeist in 8 artworks

Good art challenges. A surprising answer to its zeitgeist can be an important part of this. It is special – certainly in this bizarre period – to see which artworks best reflect the current zeitgeist for you.


The Not So Ordinary…

The Not So Ordinary … is a new online video series in which our director Jeannette ten Kate opens the dialogue with gallery owners, artists, directors of art institutions and collectors about how they experience these current times.

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In this 5th episode of The Not So Ordinary Gallery Tour, Jeannette visits the recently opened Project Space On The Inside. Here she speaks with director Annemarie Galani, who explains about the idea of the space. Koen Delaere, curator of the group presentation ‘Hallucinogenic’ – the first collaboration of the project space with Galerie Gerhard Hofland – explains about concept of the exhibition in which abstract art and physicality plays a key role.


Every week we will update you with the latest news from the art world. What’s on, what’s new and what’s relevant.

Unlocked/Reconnected is an initiative that brings together a wide range of ‘houses for art’: museums, institutes for presentation, galleries, artists’ initiatives and corporate collections. As an initiative Unlocked/Reconnected stems from a sense that opening up the home, in the aftermath of the lockdown, will force us to reconsider our outlook on this.

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Q&A with Jeannette

Since its launch in 1978, Tableau Fine Arts Magazine has been a familiar name in the field of the visual arts.

Column Jeannette February 2020

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Jeannette has her own column in Tableau Magazine, where she dives into subjects connected with the art market.

This month a small Q&A.

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