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We have gained a deep understanding of the art markets’ practices and subtleties, and know how to navigate our clients through this elusive world.

Transcending conventional boundaries, we curate bespoke art collections that reflect our clients’ tastes, aspirations, and values. Whether it’s for a private residence or corporate office, we offer guidance and advise for building an interesting and valuable art collection.

With over thirty years of experience in working in the (modern & contemporary) art world, art consultant and appraiser Jeannette ten Kate has built a strong network and valuable knowledge. With her consultancy services, Jeannette offers personal advise and guidance to her clients in buying and selling art, and maintaining their collections. Jeannette has worked, and is currently working with top collectors and galleries in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Art Connector offers the following services:

  • Guidance on the primary market (galleries/art fairs/dealers) and secondary market (auctions/art dealers)
  • Appraisals – Possessing an in-depth understanding of the art market, we appraise art collections for insurance purposes on behalf of private clients and large companies such as Moco Museum, Philips, and ProWinko.
  • Cataloguing
  • Art handling
  • Restoration


In addition to giving advice to private collectors, we specialize in building corporate collections.

Over the years, Jeannette has worked on various projects for corporate clients. Organizations collect art for a range of reasons: to promote creativity, to introduce a human element into the company culture, to bring their employees into contact with art or to provide patronage: to support artists and the art world. Jeannette helps companies with selecting works of art and building and maintaining their collection.

We work with the concept of the “dynamic art collection,” in which we let the collection grow within its time spirit. Together we will set the strategy and goals for your company collection.

In this matter we take in account:

  • Your corporate image;
  • Continuity and value;
  • Marketing- and client events;
  • The organization of inspiring collaborations with the art world and your company;
  • The organization of temporary exhibitions at your office.


Valuation of your art (collection) matters. To determine a valuation in the current art market demands experience and research. We look at the history of the artwork(s), the artist, subject and current demand, to determine a range of prices and worth if sold to a collector or other party. To do this, we use the most up to date art market data.

The most important reasons for getting a valuation of your artwork(s) are:

  • Charitable gifting and estate planning: Valuation is required to determine the type of tax break or estate tax due when passing along pieces in your collection.
  • Sales: You will need to know the value of your artwork to determine an appropriate asking price if you ever plan on selling them.
  • Restoration: If your artwork is damaged and needs repairs, knowing the current value will help determine the actual cost of the damage if the cost to repair is worth moving forward with.
  • Art financing: In order to use a piece of artwork as collateral for a loan, a professional and recent appraisal will be required.
  • Insurance: Make sure you have the current value of your piece in case of a loss. Insurance companies will need a professional appraisal, and often times photos, to make the decision about your claim.

About our services

Good to know:

  • Transparency is key and essential when it comes to bespoke valuation work. We always contact you in advance to discuss the project and your wishes, and to estimate the costs.
  • If you want, we can provide background information about the pieces and advise about artwork framing, care and maintenance.
  • Our hourly rate is €135,- ex. VAT
    To ensure we can offer all the services you require, we work with qualified experts.

Jeannette ten Kate has over 30 years of experience in working in the field of contemporary art. She was trained at Sotheby’s after receiving her MA in Art History (University of Leiden) in 1988. After her graduation, she worked as a specialist in modern & contemporary art at Glerum Auctioneers (AAG) for 11 years, before starting her own business as an independent contemporary art market specialist.

Herman Meulendijks spent over 30 years as senior director at Christie’s Amsterdam and head of general valuation departments and chief specialist in the silver division at Christie’s Geneva. He now co-operates as an independent International Consultant for Christie’s London. He has been working as an independent art consultant since 2008.

Francine Wolterbeek has over 30 years of experience in the international art market for Old Masters paintings and for 19th and 20th Century paintings, drawings and prints. Francine used to be a specialist for paintings, drawings and prints at Christie’s London, Amsterdam, Paris and New York. She has been working as an independent certified valuer since 2012.

Rob van Amelsfoort is an independent and specialized valuer, diamond grader, goldsmith and counsellor. With 100 years of family tradition in luxury watches, jewellery and diamonds, Rob was trained in The Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Over the past 35 years, he has gained incredible knowledge and experience in valuing jewellery, watches and diamonds.

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