we are art connector

Our aim is to connect guidance on the art market, cultural entrepreneurship and intercultural projects around the world for public bodies (museums, galleries, government related organisations), private institutions (private museums and corporates) and private individuals (collectors).


how we do it?

By combining our expertise and networks in the fields of the art market and museum world we can basically support any kind of art related question for you.


No project too complex

Working on international projects can be complex and time consuming if you not know how to match different cultures and working habits. Thanks to our strong networks we offer intercultural advisory services by which we can help you to overcome these challenges.

What we offer

  • Intercultural Advisory
  • Intercultural Project Management


Enriching your art and culture assets

We offer all disciplines of art related services to support our clients in building up, maintaining or exploiting their collection. These are taxation, guidance in buying and selling art and other art related services (Collection Management Systems, restoration, insurance, transportation and cataloguing). Besides this we offer advice in cultural entrepreneurship, innovation and (new) business modelling for museums and public bodies.

What we offer

  • Taxation
  • Guidance (buying/selling artworks)
  • Art Related Advisory
  • Art Related Project Management


We open-up the art market

To open-up the art world we provide different kinds of Masterclasses to give insights in the art market that enable you to better understand the value of art, the importance of a work’s condition and the impact of the artist’s fame. This we do either in our lecture room at our office in Amsterdam or on location (i.e. art fairs).

What we offer

  • Masterclasses
  • Art Travels


Our network is yours

We like to connect people who love art. This we do by engaging new members and international collector’s clubs (like our Arts Club in the Netherlands) with our Global Arts Club, but also with GADA (Global Antique Dealers Association). These international platforms enables members to get in touch with likeminded art lovers around the world.

What we offer

  • Global Arts Club
  • Arts Club
  • GADA