The viewing and buying of art can be a pleasant experience that also enriches your day-to-day life. However, if you are going to buy art, you need more than just your own good taste – you need a good deal of expert knowledge too. Knowing art history sets you on the right path, but the most important activity – and the most time-consuming – is that of learning through the viewing of art. Viewing a great deal of art, in fact. But doing so in a way where you know what you should be looking for – and how to do so. In this way, you will develop the most important skill that you need for purchasing art, namely having an eye for quality. It is also essential to brush up on your technical knowledge about such matters as value appraisal, condition, fakes and obtaining value for money.

To help you tell your Monets from your Manets and to avoid all the potential pitfalls, renowned art consultancy The Art Connector is organising Masterclasses that use a combination of theory and practice to provide a useful guide for the purchaser of art, but that also teach the non-buyer and aspiring buyer the right way to look at art and about the steps they need to take when acquiring a work of art. These Masterclasses reflect the diversity of the market for art.

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Private Courses

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