how we do it

With over thirty years of experience in the art world we have gained a deep understanding of its practices and subtleties, and how to navigate our clients through this elusive world. 

We have access to a wealth of information, and throughout the last twenty years have built a trustworthy network. This extensive network is supportive of our mission to offer art lovers and appreciators an honest look behind the scenes of the contemporary art world and all its various aspects. 

Jeannette Ten Kate’s TED Talk about identity in today’s world through art across time (2017)

who we are

Jeannette ten Kate

founding director / advisor

Jeannette ten Kate graduated in Art History at Leiden University in 1988. Between 1989 and 1999 she was a specialist in Modern & Contemporary Art at Glerum Auctioneers, whereupon she started Sinopia Art Consultancy in 1999. In 2006, she founded and curated the Sinopia East Asia Fine Arts Collection/ Investment Fund. In 2009 she also started the ‘Arts Club Collectors Society’ which is a private club for art collectors.


Marloes van Vugt

manager The International Arts Club / advisor

After her graduation at the University of Amsterdam (art history, MA) in 2008 Marloes van Vugt started working for Dutch cultural organization company Artifex. In 2010 Van Vugt switched career paths as she was asked to take over Walls Gallery, located in the city centre of Amsterdam. From January 2017 onwards Van Vugt headed in a new direction by turning over her role as gallerist into one of art consultant all based on her experience and knowledge of the most recent developments in the art and design world.