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We want to offer our clients an honest look behind the scenes of the contemporary art world and all its various aspects.


Throughout the last thirty years we have built a trustworthy network, which provides us with access to a wealth of information.

Jeannette ten Kate (1962) is a passionate and esteemed art advisor and a widely-quoted expert on the contemporary art market.
Jeannette earned her MA in Art History from the University of Leiden in 1988. After graduation, she received specialized training at Sotheby’s in applied arts and antiquities. After that, she was in charge of the modern and contemporary art department at Glerum Auctioneers for 11 years.

In 2000, Jeannette started her own consultancy business, and has since become a renowned art advisor, building significant art collections for both private and corporate clients. Jeannette shares her extensive knowledge through articles, lectures, and her own podcast. Furthermore, her travels with private clients to all major art events worldwide have made her an expert in the international art market.

Jeannette’s expertise and insights have made her a frequently quoted professional in the field. Also, recognized for her knowledge and captivating speaking style, she is frequently invited as a guest speaker at art events.


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