the international arts club

The International Art’s Club gives you an insight in to the inner workings of the art world. Navigating the art world and its market can feel a bit overwhelming and slippery. How do you find your way in an ocean of galleries, artists and artworks? Where can you find the artworks that interest you? How can you tell if the price-tag is right? What is the difference between buying at an auction,or from an art dealer or gallery?

When we took our first steps in the art world over thirty years ago, we wondered about these kinds of questions too. Now, after having worked in various parts of the art market, we have gained an understanding of its rituals and behaviour. Not only are we able to share inside information, we have also built a trustworthy network that is more than supportive and sympathetic to our mission to offer art lovers an honest look behind the scenes of the contemporary art world. By opening doors that would otherwisere main closed,offering tips and tricks, sharing do’s and don’ts, we make this world accessible. Connected to and supported by art professionals with first-hand knowledge, our members can plunge confidently into the art world.

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