Let’s Buy Art Together Program

Let’s Buy Art Together – our renewed program with a focus on buying art.

If you want to train your artistic eye, there are all kinds of art clubs and museum groups to choose from. However, most of those focus purely on seeing art. Ready to take it to the next level, but don’t know where to begin? For art lovers who would like to start exploring the art market, The International Arts Club offers the ‘Let’s Buy Art Together’ Program. Providing in- depth knowledge and practical tools, we guide you in buying art, although purchasing is never obligatory. We’re here to show you that the process of discovering what it is you can afford or you’d like to live with, is a fulfilling, inspiring and
enjoyable journey.

The International Arts Club offers a targeted and small-scale coaching process in which you are invited to explore the art market under the guidance of Jeannette. Spread over a year, the program is divided into two modules: the first aimed at acquiring knowledge; the second with a focus on the practice of purchasing.

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