Collectors Evening



Collectors Evening

Exclusively for The Art Connector’s network, we host a collector’s evening twice a year. During this event, our guests enjoy a walking dinner and inspirational talk by an international guest speaker. It’s the perfect opportunity to spark conversations with fellow art lovers and learn something new.

In 2019 we invited Anders Petterson, director of ArtTactic, a progressive and agile art market analysis firm that offers dynamic and bespoke market intelligence on the fast-paced and ever-changing global art market. After a career at JP Morgan, Petterson decided to add a new dimension to art market analysis and research, inspired by the tools and economic models used in financial markets. He founded ArtTactic in 2001, driven by the desire to make the art market more transparent and less asymmetric. Over the last two decades, ArtTactic has been at the forefront of developing new analysis of art markets and collecting segments around the world, constantly seeking to find new areas within the art industry that could benefit from data, information and research.

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