Private collection: Vetnippel by Joep van Lieshout




Private collection: Vetnippel by Joep van Lieshout

One of our private clients owns a beautiful, eclectic art collection. The Art Connector’s founder Jeannette often accompanies her to international art fairs and guides her in broadening her collection. Coming from a family of art lovers, our client grew up surrounded by art that her father bought during his stay in Paris in the thirties of last century.

His daughter inherited his love for art and collects work from young, emerging artists as well as established names, and from all periods of time. Paintings and sculptures by artists like Joep van Lieshout, Marina Abramovic, Sarah van Sonsbeeck, Johan Tahon, Bas de Wit, Matthew Monahan, Letha Wilson, Michael Wolf and the Quistrebert brothers coexist side by side to Maris, Jo Bauer, Picabia and De Smet. And these are just a few examples.

Jeannette supported our client in purchasing this artwork by Joep van Lieshout (Vetnippel, 2014). The sculpture is part of his series New Tribal Labyrinth, a huge Gesamtkunstwerk that Van Lieshout created to equip imaginary tribes of the future, ranging from items of worship and sacrifice to objects for daily use, dwellings and machines.

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