With our consultancy services, we offer advice and guidance to our clients when it comes to acquiring, selling and maintaining art collections. We share our knowledge about the developments and trends of the art market.

Buying and selling

  • Auctions
  • Art Fairs and Art Dealers
  • Galleries

Collection management

  • Art valuation (for e.g. insurance)
  • Cataloguing
  • Art handling 
  • Restoration 


The aim of our two Clubs (The Arts Club and The International Arts Club) is to share our knowledge of today’s art market and make it accessible. 

By organising exciting, informative and exclusive art events throughout the year, we make sure our members have access to a wide range of insights about (new) trending artists and major art events. We are confident in our ability to provide the right context and expert advice when it comes to making well-informed decisions in buying art today. 


The Arts Club

The Arts Club was founded in 2013 by Jeannette ten Kate. It is a closed society for art buyers, art collectors and art lovers. Both experienced collectors and starting art buyers meet here to share their enthusiasm for the arts. 

The International Arts Club

In 2018 the International Arts Club was founded by Jeannette ten Kate, aimed more directly at (international) young, budding art collectors. The coordination is in hands of Marloes van Vugt.



Exclusively for the members of our Clubs we organize art travels around the world.

All travels are hand-picked and guided by Jeannette with the aim to give insights in the (global) art market. Our members visited Art Basel, Frieze (New York and London), Venice Biennial e.g.



The looking at, and buying of art can be an immensely enjoyable experience, one that also enriches your day-to-day life. When it comes to buying art, alongside your personal taste –a good deal of expert knowledge and consultation is highly advisable. 

To help you tell your Monets from your Manets, and to avoid all possible traps, we are pleased to organise Masterclasses that use a combination of theory and practice to provide a useful guide to buying art. These classes also teach the non-buyer and aspiring buyer the best way to look at art, and the steps they need to take when acquiring an artwork. Our Masterclasses reflect the diversity of the global art market.


Private Courses

We are happy to develop a custom made approach according to your wishes. For more information please contact us.

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