The Art Connector Podcast – Gustaaf Dekking (NFT- and digital art specialist)

The Art Connector Podcast
#3: Gustaaf Dekking (NFT-specialist)

Following the groundbreaking auction of Beeple’s JPEG image at Christie’s (sold for a hallucinatory $69.3 million on March 11, 2021), the 2nd episode of The Art Connector Podcast is all about NFT-art and cryptocurrencies. Why (and how) would you own a digital image? Why put art on a blockchain? And how to create an online museum experience? Jeannette met with tech-savvy innovation strategist Gustaaf Dekking in the real world, to talk about what’s happening in the virtual world. After working as a gallery director for years, Gustaaf started a new art+tech venture, and is currently building an NFT and blockchain based platform for museums.

The Art Connector Podcast – SE01E02 – Gustaaf Dekking (Art Innovator and Tech Entrepreneur)
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