The Art Connector Podcast – Joost Bosland (Stevenson Gallery)

The Art Connector Podcast
#2: Joost Bosland (Stevenson Gallery)

In a new interview series, Art Connector founder and contemporary art specialist Jeannette ten Kate investigates the latest trends and developments in the art world. Who rules the market, who are the buyers, sellers and makers? What are the differences between the Dutch and global market? And how does the current situation affect the gallery- and auction world?

In the first episode, Jeannette sits down with Joost Bosland, co-owner and director of the internationally renowned Stevenson gallery with spaces in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Amsterdam. Why did he choose to open the Amsterdam branch? What are the differences in working with Dutch collectors vs international players? Does Stevenson follow a trend by representing artists such as Zanele Muholi? (Dutch spoken)

The Art Connector Podcast – SE01E01 – Joost Bosland (Stevenson Gallery)
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